Value of Fidgeting for Restless Children

My child is often very restless. The teacher lets him fidget in class. Does this distract from his learning? -- Wondering

Answer: Fidgeting involves using a sense other than the sense that is required to accomplish the task at hand. The extra mindless activities a student does while working on the primary task is fidgeting. Fortunately, you do not have to be too concerned that it is distracting your child from getting his schoolwork done in the classroom.

You might not realize that deliberate fidgeting allows the child to self-regulate restlessness in a controlled, structured way. It is good that the teacher understand the importance for your child to be able to fidget in the classroom. This is especially important for ADHD children.

Here are some positive classroom fidgeting activities that can reduce restlessness in children:

  • -Getting up and moving around.
  • -Doodling.
  • -Underlining while reading.
  • -Squeezing toys helps focus the child who is required to listen, talk or think of a tough answer. This definitely helps with restless hands.
  • -Plugging in an MP3 player and listening to music.
  • -Chewing gum.