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I want to be ready for this school year by increasing my knowledge of frequently used educational jargon. Please help! -- Need Vocabulary Expansion
Answer: Here are some words and terms that you might hear from your children's teachers and schools:
Adaptive Learning -- The educational method that uses computers as interactive teaching devices.

All I see everywhere is parents either talking, texting or searching for messages on their cellphones in the presence of their children. No one seems to talk to children anymore. How is this affecting children? -- For More Personal Attention
Answer: There has been very little research on the effects of adults (parents and caregivers) being tied to their phones in the presence of kids.

My children have been in school now for several weeks. How can I reinforce the importance of getting good grades? -- Worried and Concerned
Answer: Good grades really do matter. They lead to special opportunities, including entrance into gifted and talented programs as well as placement in honors and AP classes, which give students a solid preparation for admission to college. Good grades are also essential for playing on sports teams and participating in some extracurricular activities.
Older children probably understand that good grades are important.

The colleges that my daughter is applying to have different admission programs. While I think I understand what regular admission is, what is the difference between early, rolling and open admissions? -- Confused
Answer: High-school seniors applying to colleges definitely need to understand the differences between the many types of admissions, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each one in order to choose the right one or ones for them. We have defined the admission plans.

Readers: There are so many things that your seniors in high school need to do this fall to get admitted into college next year.

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