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We are a card-playing family, from crazy eights to pinochle. All our children from 8 to 15 enjoy cards. We think card playing teaches them a lot. Are we right? -- Wondering
Answer: Learning to play cards has many different benefits for mathematical thinking and creativity. Here is a game for you:
Procedure: The object of this game is to combine the number values of the playing cards in any order using any operation to make the value of 100.

My children in grades three and five never write anything but school assignments. Is there any way to entice them to write more? -- Concerned
Answer: You are lucky that your children still pick up a pencil or pen to do their homework. In many schools that have gone totally paperless, children only use their computers for any form of written communication.

My child is often very restless. The teacher lets him fidget in class. Does this distract from his learning? -- Wondering
Answer: Fidgeting involves using a sense other than the sense that is required to accomplish the task at hand. The extra mindless activities a student does while working on the primary task is fidgeting. Fortunately, you do not have to be too concerned that it is distracting your child from getting his schoolwork done in the classroom.
You might not realize that deliberate fidgeting allows the child to self-regulate restlessness in a controlled, structured way.

What techniques can really help improve a high school student's writing? -- Improvement Needed
Answer: Here are some techniques that all high school students should try to implement that will definitely help to improve their writing:
--Always print out and read: Never try to re-read on screen. Somehow, even the best writer's brain freezes over when they do so.
--Spell check and grammar check can be VERY misleading and unreliable. One should never, never use them, except as warnings that something may be wrong.

Is there any one strategy for helping my child who has ADHD retain information. She does all the assignments but frequently forgets what she has read. -- Help
Answer: ADHD often causes people to be less efficient learners. However, practicing memory exercises will help her train her brain to focus. SQ4R is the best strategy for her to learn. Go to the Dear Teacher website (, and under "Skill Builders," click on "Study Skills," where you can download the whole strategy.

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