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How can I ensure that my child will use her new cellphone appropriately at school? She's in seventh grade. -- Need Rules
Answer: Increasingly, younger children are being given cellphones because their parents are worried about their safety coming and going to school and even at the school. Beyond safety concerns, it is extremely important for parents and children to be in agreement about how these cellphones are going to be used in school.
The number one guideline is that children must follow their school's rules. The phone must only be used when the school permits it.

My 3-year-old daughter is going off to preschool. How will the school go about teaching her the basic skills of reading, writing and math? -- Curious
Answer: At this age, most preschools are teaching children the basic skills of reading, math and writing through many different fun activities and games.

What basic safety rules should I teach or review with my young children before school starts? -- Safety First
Answer: Parents definitely need to be concerned about their children's safety. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children's campaign "Be Here for Children" offers the following solid tips to keep children safe.
1. Walk the route to and from school with your children, pointing out landmarks and safe places to go if they are being followed or need help. If they ride a bus, visit the bus stop with them to make sure they know which bus to take.

Is there an easy way to help kids adjust to an earlier bedtime for school? All of us have been staying up until 10 or later. -- Need More Sleep
Answer: It definitely takes some adjustment for children to get back into a good sleeping pattern after a summer of late nights! However, parents -- with some pre-planning and getting started a few weeks before school starts -- will be able to ease their children into a great sleep schedule.

The elementary school will be starting up again in two weeks. Should I create a homework center for my 5- and 7-year-old children? Should the children and I do this together? -- Crafty Mom
Answer: It always used to be thought that children should have a specific spot to do all their schoolwork. Some educators now think that it is a good idea for children to use different spots around the house, especially when they are studying for tests. The different environments seem to help them remember what they have been studying.

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