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The Best Rewards

Question: What are some rewards that may inspire my children to do homework and household chores? Will rewards work? – Puzzled

Answer: The purpose of giving rewards to a child is to get a task done. The end result you are seeking is for your child to move from receiving an extrinsic reward to realizing the intrinsic reward of valuing a task for the satisfaction of completing it. For example, getting their homework done well and turned in on time can produce the satisfaction of learning something new as well as getting good grades.

Discovering What a Child's Reading Problem Is

You never want a child to be reading below grade level. Children who are likely to be good readers will be reading on grade level by third grade. Now is certainly the right time to work on improving your child's reading level.

The easiest way to pinpoint what problem or problems your child is having is by talking with her teacher. You can also do some research on readingrockets.org by searching for "Target the Problem." The site describes five of the most common reading problems, which are:

Ways Teachers Describe Good Students

Question: My neighbors and I were discussing what makes a good student. What do you think? -- Unknown Qualities

Answer: Research shows that teachers place more emphasis on personal characteristics than academic skills. Most want to see students who are motivated, curious, self-disciplined, respectful toward teachers and persistent. They also consider children good students if they are willing to ask questions. Other qualities that teachers appreciate are being trustworthy, problem solvers, hard workers and honest.

Skills Builders

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Learning Activities

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Helpful Websites

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Find Your Child's Reading Level

Check out how well your child can read by using the San Diego Quick Assessment found on the next 3 pages. You will quickly be able to gauge your child's reading ability. More >