What are some good ways to get children interested in reading the newspaper? Curious


It is never too soon for parents to get their children into the newspaper-reading habit. It will be something that will stay with them throughout their lives, as it has with you. Start this week by showing them how to find valuable and interesting information in the newspaper for their age level. Your children will not only learn what is happening in their neighborhood but also around the world. Elementary school children can learn what is happening in the places they are studying in their geography classes. Older children studying economics and political science in high school can learn other people's opinions on the current economic crisis by reading the editorial pages. And all your school children can learn that they can see at a glance on the front page whether the weather is going to require them to wear raincoats when they go to school.

Many parents don't know that the first week in March is Newspaper in Education week. During that week and also during the whole school year many of your children's classrooms will be doing activities using the newspaper. No matter what the content area is, great lessons can be taught through the newspaper. After all, the newspaper is the only textbook that is updated every day. Once you have taken the first step to helping your children acquire the newspaper habit, continue it as a family. Your young children can be using the newspaper to circle their alphabet letters while older children use it to discuss current events every night at the dinner table.

Hopefully, after reading this question you will take the time to start your children in the newspaper habit.

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