Skinny Books

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Get Children Reading Right Away With Word Family Readers

Each story in an app uses the word family approach of rhyming words that have the same ending sound but a different beginning one (Nan, fan, man, ran). Educators endorse this approach because children do not have to sound out the individual letters and can learn to read faster.

What Skinny Books Are Like

  • Each book has 42 stories, phonics worksheets and comprehension questions
  • Each line can be read at a single glance
  • There are no pictures so children are truly reading (not relying on pictures)
  • Stories are fun to read

What Children Learn In Each Book

  • To read and spell more than 200 word family words and some basic sight words
  • A basic knowledge of phonics
  • To read more challenging words

Skinny Books 1 -- Word Family Readers

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Skinny Books 2 -- Word Family Readers

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Skinny Books 3 -- Word Family Readers

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Skinny Books 4 -- Word Family Readers

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