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Peg and Marge

Peggy Gisler and Marge Eberts

Peggy Gisler and Marge Eberts have been involved in education throughout their lives. Right out of college their first jobs were as teachers. Along the way, they have taught at every level from kindergarten through college. Both have a lengthy list of degrees, including master's degrees in education and specialist degrees (Ed.S.) in reading. In addition, Peggy has a doctorate in special education and educational leadership.

Besides being teachers, Peggy and Marge have co-authored more than 100 books. Your children and grandchildren may actually be using some of their language arts and math books in their classrooms. You may even have read some of their “how to” books for parents.

Every week for more than 30 years, Peggy and Marge answered the questions of readers in newspapers and parenting publications across the country as writers of the Dear Teacher column. They offer solid advice on such parental concerns as phonics, standardized testing, dyslexia, grades, homework, college admissions, and much more which you can view on this website. It is their desire to help all parents make the educational experience of their children as successful as possible.

Recently, Peggy and Marge have developed several apps. Their Dear Teacher app provides basic information from this website.Their four Word Family Readers: Skinny Books apps are designed to teach young children to read through rhyming word stories and games. You can find out more about the apps on this website as well as print versions of the apps. You can also see Skinny Books 5,6, and 7 which are inference stories and two math activities books that parents can do with their children.

Peggy and Marge are more than writers and educators, they have also been in the trenches and have gotten six children through school and now are helping 11 grandchildren succeed in school from kindergarten through college. Their children and grandchildren have run the gamut, from being in gifted and talented programs to special education resource rooms. Because of their experiences, they see themselves as interpreters between parents and schools as they have been on both sides.

Today, Peggy is a special education teacher in the Indianapolis Public School System, and Marge is a volunteer reading instructor in the Los Angeles Unified School District.