Questions to Ask at Conferences

At a parent/teacher conference, there are questions that parents should expect to be answered depending on their child. Here is a suggested list of questions:

1. What standardized tests has my child taken in the past year? What do the child's scores on these tests indicate?

2. Is my child working at, above, or below grade level in such subjects as reading, mathematics, and language arts?

3. What group or groups is my child in? Why?

4. What are my child's special strengths and weaknesses in his or her major subjects?

5. How would you describe my child's work habits? Does the child regularly complete classwork and homework?

6. What are the teacher's recommendations for specific ways in which my child can improve his or her performance at school?

7. Are there any discipline problems? How can they be improved or eliminated?

8. How well does my child get along with classmates and the teacher?

9. Does my child need any special help with school work or social adjustment? Who can provide this help?

10. How can I, as a parent, help my child with any problem areas?