Ways Parents Can Help Kids with Homework

How can parents help their children improve the way they do their homework? -- Worried Answer: Parents can help their children learn the following effective ways to handle homework: --Make sure that the children have an assignment page in their planners or a notebook to write down all assignments, and bring this list home every night. --Set up with your children a special area in your home where homework will usually be done. Also make sure that all learning supplies are kept in a container in case the child decides to study in a different location in your house or even outside. --Children need to have calendars in their planners to write down test dates and due dates for assignments. This definitely helps them prioritize what work needs to be done each day. --Teach them to begin each homework session by looking over all assignments and devising a plan for which to handle first, second and so on. Then they need to read and re-read the directions for each assignment to start off on the right track. --Have the children make time once or twice a week for reviewing the work that they have done at home and at school. --After doing one or more assignments, a short break can make doing the rest of their homework more appealing to children.