Value of College Summer School

Question: My son just completed his first year of college. He is planning on staying on campus for the summer session, as he just loves the college life. His grades were OK, but his ability to party was exemplary. Is this a smart move for him to make? I see it more as a prolonged time to party and would like him to come home and take a job. -- More College or Not

Answer: Most students who stay on campus during the summer don't do it because they love the social side of college. They take classes to graduate early, explore an area that appeals to them or make up classes that they have failed. Some take classes that they expect to be filled in the fall. Also, going to summer school can help students stay in the study mode. And students do find summer classes are often more relaxed with fewer students in them. These are very valid reasons for going to summer school.

Your party-loving son needs to be aware that summer classes are often more intense because they are frequently shorter in length. He is likely to have to devote more time to school work and less to more fun-filled activities.

It's time to talk to your son and evaluate together if his reasons for wanting to go to summer school are sound. Your family's financial situation certainly should play a role in the final decision as to whether or not your son goes to summer school.