How to Handle an IEP that Is not Working

My daughter has an IEP that is supposed to improve her attention problems at school. It isn't working. What am I to do? -- Panicking

Answer: Don't panic. There are ways to handle this all too common situation. Request that a meeting of your daughter's IEP team be held as soon as possible. Before the meeting, read the services that your daughter is supposed to be getting on the "service delivery page." Be sure to notice who will be providing these services and when they will be provided. It is also important for you to understand what accommodations your child should be receiving. Be sure to check with your child if she is receiving these services and accommodations in all of her classes.

At the IEP team meeting, the team should decide if all the teachers who work with your daughter are really providing her with the plan's services and accommodations. Unfortunately, not all of her teachers may even have read or seen the IEP plan.

If everyone is apparently implementing the plan, then the team will need to develop additional services and accommodations to see if they can provide her with the support that she needs.

At the meeting, be sure to be an active participant -- both asking questions and really listening to the answers. If you are reluctant to speak up, write up a list of your concerns ahead of time and give them to the participants at the start of the meeting. Then in the future, be sure to schedule regular IEP meetings to ensure that progress is being made in improving your child's attention problems at school.

If you are uncertain about what support your daughter needs, an easy way to educate yourself is to look at all the resources on