The Right Essay Answer

Question: How should I answer the question on college admissions applications about why I want to go to a specific college? Is it enough to say that you like the campus and the majors that are offered? -- Wondering

Answer: Most applicants tend to answer this question the way that you suggested. But this is very shortsighted according to Dr. Rachelle Wolosoff, an independent education consultant at She points out that every essay is a chance to go the extra mile.

Rachelle advises that you use this essay to bring the college into your life. Start by showing the school your world, then show how the school and your world would work wonderfully together. Use your impressions from when you visited campus, talk about the programs you feel set the school apart from others and show what you'll do with these opportunities that will help the college and you. Don't get overly dramatic and promise to win a Nobel prize before you graduate. Describe what you see when you see yourself on campus.