Possible Educational Benefits to Tweeting

Question: Like all teens, my daughter spends a lot of time tweeting. I realize that it is a way for her to see what friends and favorite celebrities are doing. But I am wondering if there truly is any really good reason for her to be on Twitter. -- No Tweeter

Answer: Being on Twitter is certainly popular with teens. Besides exchanging information with friends, there even surprisingly can be some educational aspects to being on Twitter. It does teach teens to be precise, as their postings are limited to 140 characters. It certainly has them using writing to communicate -- thus boosting their skills in this area.

If teens like to read, tweeting can actually let them communicate with their favorite authors who are likely to have Twitter accounts. Otherwise, teens are not likely to meet with or correspond with authors. However, they can go online and actually find out what the authors are doing and their future writing plans. In the same way, students who are into anything from science to history can communicate with experts in their field -- increasing their interest and knowledge in a topic.