Needed Social Skills for Kindergarten

How do I know if my daughter has the social skills needed to start kindergarten? -- Worried Answer: Use the following Social Skills Checklist to see if she has most of the skills needed to start kindergarten. My child usually: 1. Approaches others positively. 2. Expresses wishes and preferences clearly. 3. Asserts own rights and needs appropriately; gives reason for actions and positions. 4. Is not easily intimidated by bullies. 5. Expresses frustration and anger effectively without escalating disagreement or harming others. 6. Gains access to ongoing groups at play and work. 7. Makes relevant contributions to ongoing activities. 8. Takes turns fairly easily. 9. Shows interest in others. 10. Negotiates and compromises with others appropriately. 11. Does not draw inappropriate attention to self. 12. Interacts nonverbally (smiles, waves, nods) with other children.