Helping Stuttering Child Feel Comfortable at School

Question: My daughter in third grade often gets embarrassed and distressed at school because she stutters at times. Most of the students and her teachers are very kind to her. Do you know of any materials that could be helpful for her to read? -- Stuttering Problem

Answer: The Stuttering Foundation has recently published an exciting book for children: "The Teacher Who Made a Difference." It should help your daughter feel good about herself. It is a story about a child who stutters and tells about how she was able to overcome some of the challenges of stuttering with help from a special teacher.

Beyond this book, there are several terrific materials that should be helpful for your daughter. There is the film "For Kids, By Kids," as well as the book "Sometimes I Just Stutter." In addition, on the Stuttering Foundation's website there is a section called "Drawings and Letters From Kids" in which children who stutter share their stories along with techniques that have helped them.

All books and films can be purchased on the foundation's website ( or by calling 800-992-9392.