Finding Reading Apps for Preschoolers

Question: There are times when we are waiting that I would like to have my preschooler be able to pick up some reading skills on my cellphone rather than just play games. What should I look for in selecting appropriate apps for her? -- Waiting and Reading

Answer: It can be a daunting task to find appropriate educational apps for preschoolers. If your child is just being introduced to reading, search for apps that have a limited amount of text, quality narration as well as word games to reinforce the learning of new words.

Your preschooler might enjoy our Skinny Books, available on our website or in the App Store under "Dear Teacher Books." They have rhyming word stories, like "Mox the Ox," "The Cub in the Tub" and "Nan Ran and Ran." Then there are fun games to play with the words they have learned to read. Plus, there is accompanying narration so they can read these books without adult help.