Chatty Child Having Problems in Second Grade

Question: We have just moved to a new school district where color codes are used on a behavior chart that gets sent home daily. Our son seems to need reminders not to "chat" with his friends in class. The color code really bothers him when he doesn't get a good color.

Our son now says that school is "no fun," and he already knows everything that the second-grade teacher is teaching the class. Should I be worried? -- Unhappy Transfer

Answer: Some teachers have stricter behavior standards than others. Your son may have been freer to chat with others in his previous school. You and your son need to talk to the teacher to try to devise ways that he can limit his tendency to chat.

The fact that he knows the material that is being taught may also contribute to his chattiness. It is customary for teachers to review material at the start of the year. Also talk with the teacher about your son knowing the material. Perhaps the teacher could assign him some more challenging material so that he has to pay more attention to his schoolwork and has less chance to chat.