Highlighting vs. Notetaking

Question: I'm in college and wondering if it's smarter to write notes on what I read in textbooks or handouts or simply highlight important information in the actual textbook or handout when trying to learn the material for a future test. What are the pros and cons of each? -- Uncertain
       Answer: Either highlighting directly or taking notes on material can prepare you to take tests covering information you need to know. Only you can decide which method helps you review and learn the material most effectively.
       The Pros of Highlighting:
       --It is quick.
       --It is easy to see the charts and tables in a textbook or handout.
       The Cons of Highlighting:
       --Students tend to highlight too much material.
       --It can be difficult to integrate with class notes.
       --It reduces the resale value of the textbook.
       The Pros of Taking Notes:
       --Writing is time-consuming, so students tend to write down the most important information.
       --These notes can be further condensed by writing in margins to make preparing for tests easier.
       --There is some evidence that writing reinforces the learning of new material.
       The Cons of Taking Notes:
       --It takes more time than highlighting. 
       --Students may not write notes in their own words, but instead copy textbook or handout words.