Help for Occasional Struggles

 Question: Every so often, my son struggles a bit with his work in elementary school. Do you have any ideas about ways that I can help him work through a rough patch? -- Struggling

       Answer: All children need support when they encounter difficulties. If a child has been struggling for quite a while in a specific subject, that is where your efforts need to be placed.
       If a struggle is just a bump in the road, there are some simple ways you can support his struggles.
       --Model how to struggle with a task, persevere and then succeed.
       --Focus and reinforce your child's efforts rather than zero in on the final product.
       --Be sure to celebrate improvement.
       --Focus on your child's strengths while working on his weaknesses. Do all you can to focus his curiosity in areas in which he will have success.
       --Be positive and supportive.