Must Do's for for Good Parental Involvement

Question: The new school year has started. In the past, I have always been involved in my children's education by communicating with their teachers, attending parent-teacher meetings, being a room mother, going to school events, visiting their classrooms and so on. Is there anything else parents should do to be involved in their children's education? -- Wondering

Answer: You are being an involved parent. You know what is happening at your children's schools and have the information to have meaningful conversations with them about what is going on at their schools.

There is one more thing about being involved in children's education. Parents need to be involved at home as well as at school. They can do so much at home to ensure their children's success in school. On the non-academic side, they can teach them patience, responsibility and respect for others -- all traits that will enhance their education.

Another area in which parents should be involved with their children's education, especially in the early grades, is their homework. This will give them an opportunity to expand the curriculum through related learning activities at home even if it is just a dinner table conversation.

Finally, it definitely helps if parents read daily to their children. They should also go beyond reading with younger children to ask questions about what is happening in the story. With older children in grades five and beyond, discussions can include who the author is and the author's point of view.

Finally, let your children see that you are excited about what they are learning. This will make them even more eager to learn and to share what they are learning with you. This is true at any grade level.