Teachers are really thinking outside of the box to make classrooms safe for children to return to school. We are no longer going to see traditional looking classrooms. In Florida, Miss Dovi and Mrs. Martin definitely do not have the traditional first grade classroom. Instead of the usual desks, children sit in self-contained jeeps. They got the idea from a brillant educator in Texas, Jennifer Pierson. Visit us on Facebook to see these jeeps. We would like other teachers to share their innovative ideas with our readers by sending pictures and stories to

Every child in their classroom will be given "keys" to their own "Jeep." They will drive these vehicles into the new school year. The "Jeeps" will allow the teachers to implement clever classroom sayings: Stay in your own vehicle at all time, do not allow others inside your vehicle, make sure your mask is on when exiting the vehicle because you could encounter "road hazards," and ask for help from "roadside assistance if needed." Each child will have a one-on-one session with their teacher to learn these rules of the road. In their vehicles, they will have an iPad with a headset for digital platforms that will enhance classroom instruction.