Incomplete Classwork Becoming Homework

Question:  My daughter, a fourth-grader, is having a tough time getting her assignments completed in class. The teacher says she does not stay focused. Every night she has her classwork to complete along with her homework. She is always up past 10 every evening -- getting everything completed. How can we handle this problem? -- Worried

Answer: First, you need to talk with her teacher to find out what can be done to help her focus better in the classroom so that she can get more of her classwork completed. Perhaps your daughter needs to sit in a study carrel or in the front of the room to improve her concentration.

If the teacher cannot find ways to help her, appropriate school personnel should be brought in to observe the child and see what measures need to be initiated -- including a behavior plan.

At home, you also need to observe the child doing homework to see if you can detect and resolve problems that may be interfering with her focus on school work.