How to Help a Teen Manage Stress

Question: How can I help my teenage daughter manage stress? -- HELP

Answer: As parents we know that stress is a part of daily life. Some stress is healthy; however, most teenagers do not cope well with handling stress. You will need to help your daughter learn some coping techniques so that she does not get totally overwhelmed! Some things that you can do are:

  • -Be an active listener. Give her your undivided attention. Let her know that you want to understand; you must listen with empathy and hear what she is telling you.
  • -Teenagers often suppress their feelings, so you want her to know that you want her to tell you how she truly feels. Remember to check her body language and her voice tone.
  • -Engage her in coming up with the solution by asking questions like "What can you do about that?" "What else could you try?"
  • -Remember to be your daughter's cheerleader. You must offer her encouragement. She must feel that you truly care and that you want her to be happy, and know how important her feelings are to you and that there is hope that this pain that she is carrying will end.
  • -Get her involved in exercise. Join a gym class together or just go for a walk or bike ride.