Finding the Right College for Learning Disabled

Question: My child has had an IEP throughout elementary and high school. Are there any colleges that really will help students with learning disabilities? -- Searching

Answer: The transition from high school to college is big; however, the additional stress can be overwhelming for a student with learning differences.

The "K&W Guide to Colleges for Students with Learning Differences" has profiles of 350 colleges with the best programs for students with learning differences and disabilities, plus information on 1,000 additional colleges with services for such students.

The following are their 10 tips on the college search and application process for parents of students with learning differences or ADHD:

  • -Understand your child's learning disability and his or her strengths and weaknesses, and be sure the child does, too.
  • -Be sure you and your child can also articulate the nature of the disability to others.
  • -Know which accommodations your child is receiving in high school. --Be able to identify accommodations needed for success in college.
  • -Help your child do his or her best on the SAT and other admission tests. Check out the accommodations available for students with learning disabilities to take these tests.
  • -Know the differences between the levels of services colleges provide learning disabled students, from "basic" to "comprehensive" to "highly structured."
  • -Research the colleges carefully and prioritize the criteria most important to you and your child.
  • -Know what questions to ask the college officials and service providers. --Be prepared to answer questions about your child's learning disability.
  • -Be accepting of the learning disability and continually supportive of your child.