College, Commuting, Financial

To save money, I am going to commute and live at home rather than live on campus next year in college. I'm afraid that I'll miss out on a lot by not living in a dorm. What is the best way to feel like I am part of the college? Besides saving money, which I am glad to do, what are some of the advantages of commuting to college? -- Future Commuter

Answer: There are a number of things that you can do to interact with other students so you feel more like you are a part of college life. Number one is to get involved in some activities. Could you play in the band, write for the newspaper, act in plays or participate in intramural sports? Any one of these activities and similar ones will give you a solid connection to other students. Plus, they will add fun to your college days.

You can further connect to other students through taking part in small study groups. Do investigate also if your school has any organizations for commuters. Perhaps you could carpool with other commuters or join them in activities.

There are advantages to commuting. More than likely it will be easier for you to study without the distractions that come from living in a dorm, from the noise level to students constantly barging into your room suggesting things to do rather than studying. Commuting will more than likely make your study time more efficient. ** *