Best Colleges for Different Interests

In thinking of applying to a college, where can my daughter find schools that have the best food and dorms? -- Searching Answer: Your daughter is in luck. She will find the answer to her questions in the Princeton Review's Annual College Rankings of the Best 380 Colleges 2016 Edition - a survey of students. The 62 "top 20" rankings are also available on the Princeton Review's website. And a new list will be available this month. Here are the rankings for best food: 1. Bowdoin College 2. University of Massachusetts-Amherst 3. Virginia Tech 4. St. Olaf College 5. College of the Atlantic 6. James Madison University 7. Cornell University 8. Washington University in St. Louis 9. Bryn Mawr College 10. Saint Anselm College

And the rankings for colleges with the best dorms are: 1. Bennington College 2. Washington University in St. Louis 3. Skidmore College 4. Loyola University Maryland 5. University of Dayton 6. Bryn Mawr College 7. Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering 8. Smith College 9. Bowdoin College 10. Scripps College

There are also rankings in many other categories that may interest students. --Best College Library: Yale University --Best Health Services: University of California-Davis --Students Study the Most: Harvey Mudd College --Most Beautiful Campus: Rollins College --College City Gets High Marks: Tulane University --Tree-Hugging Vegetarians: Sarah Lawrence College --Most Conservative Students: Thomas Aquinas College --Most Liberal Students: Marlboro College --Best Athletic Facilities: Kenyon College --Best College Newspaper: Cornell University --Best College Radio Station: Hofstra University --Best College Theater: Carnegie Mellon University --Most Accessible Professors: United States Military Academy --Most Popular Study Abroad Program: Elon University