Activities for Fathers and Children

Question: So much of the oversight of children's progress in school is done by mothers. She is usually the person who helps children with homework, reads to them, takes them to the library and does all kinds of after-school activities with them. Fathers often are not able to spend as much time with their children. It seems to me that children should see fathers participate in school and other activities so that their worlds are not so mother-centered. -- Spoke my Mind

Answer: Next week on Sunday, June 21 is Father's Day. Yes, it is nice for fathers to receive presents and to spend the day doing things with the family. However, it would certainly be a positive thing for fathers to be able to spend more quality time with their children this summer and throughout the year.

We fully realize that because of job responsibilities this time may be limited. Still, we think that Father's Day is a wonderful time for families to make lists of things that fathers would enjoy doing with their children and have the time to do. To make sure this valuable father/children interaction takes place, dates for specific activities can be placed on the calendar. Some activities can be with just one child. Others can be with all the children. We are suggesting some activities; however, each family is unique and will make additional or different choices for their lists.

  1. The sharing of a hobby, from photography to stamp collecting.
  2. Playing games together -- board games and video games.
  3. Teaching sports skills.
  4. Visiting parks, museums, zoos and other places of interest on weekends. 5. Spending time together at a special event, from a movie to a fair.