Skinny Books - Set 6: Word Families _op _ox _od _og

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After completing Set 6, children are able to read and spell 25 one-syllable words in the __op, __ox, __od and __og word families.

This set comes with both a downloadable version (PDF) and audio files so your child can read or read along with the stories or simply listen to them.

Why Skinny Books Word Family Readers?

  • Start young children reading right away.
  • Rapidly increase children’s reading vocabulary.
  • Give children a basic knowledge of phonics.
  • Use a proven method of teaching reading.

A Word Family is a group of words that share a common pattern such as van, pan, can. The words have the same ending sound but a different beginning sound.

No pictures are used in Word Family Readers. When children read these books, they are truly reading – not relying on pictures to recognize words.