IEP Reinforcement

How can I make sure that my child's individual education plan (IEP) goals are reinforced over the summer? I want him to continue making the good progress that he has made during the school year. -- Want to Help

Answer: You will need to re-read your child's IEP, as some students do qualify for extended services over the summer. If your son is one of these students, it will be clearly stated in the IEP. Start by re-reading the entire plan, especially the accommodation page. Also study the goals section that focuses on the skills that will help your child succeed in school.

You may find that some of the goals are specifically designed to be accomplished in a school setting. It will be difficult for you to work toward these goals at home, and you may not have the specific qualifications to do so. So look for goals that are not strictly academic in nature.

Remember that the goals are written so they can be achieved over the entire school year. You will want to break down some of these goals into supporting steps that you can work on with your child this summer.

Quickly, before school is out for the summer, meet with your child's teacher and service providers along with IEP team members. These individuals will tell you what your child's current skill levels are and what goals are realistic for you to accomplish over the summer. ** *