Creating a Homework Center

Question: The elementary school will be starting up again in two weeks. Should I create a homework center for my 5- and 7-year-old children? Should the children and I do this together? -- Crafty Mom

Answer: It always used to be thought that children should have a specific spot to do all their schoolwork. Some educators now think that it is a good idea for children to use different spots around the house, especially when they are studying for tests. The different environments seem to help them remember what they have been studying.

For routine homework, staying in a specific location works for most children. You and the children can equip one or more centers with essential supplies. The supplies can be placed in a bin, cabinet or desk so they are readily available. Young children like yours often like to do their work close to their parents, especially at the kitchen table while a meal is being prepared.

Since you are into crafts, you and the children could use some old boxes or containers with lids for supplies to create organizers that could be used in different places.

The children could decorate the box or container with stickers or drawings. Then on the top, small cups (like ones for yogurt) could be glued. They could be used to store such small items as crayons, scissors, glue, markers and erasers. Larger items like pencils, rulers and even paper can be stored inside the box or container.

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