Child Not Eating School Lunch

It is the same old story this year. My kid's lunchbox comes back almost every day with a lot of uneaten food. Besides being wasteful, it's unhealthy for her not to eat lunch. Is there a solution? -- Lunch Diet Answer: You really need to look carefully into what the real problem is. Could it be that she skips eating much of her lunch because she wants to get out on the playground? If so, you should address this problem with the teacher. At many schools, there is a definite lunch time before the children can play. You also need to discuss the uneaten food situation with your child. Is it because she does not like the food? Is it possible that you are giving her too much food? Be sure to find out what she would really like to eat for lunch. Giving the child a healthy version of her preferred foods could result in an emptier lunchbox. Also, many children like finger foods. Plus, you might try giving her less food if you are giving her more food than she would normally eat at home for lunch.