Are your children learning this summer?

Building your children’s skills Of course, your children need a break from school. At the same time, if you don’t do have them do some academic activities this summer, they will start the next year with a lower skill level than they had at the end of the year. Check to see if you are doing what is necessary to have your children continue learning this summer.

  • Are you bolstering their math skills through enrollment in a formal program or doing workbook pages or online activities?
  • Does your family have a daily family reading half hour? Are your children in a library or neighborhood reading program? Are they reading a lot for pleasure?
  • Are your children writing in a journal or writing letters, postcards or emails to friends and family members?
  • Has your family visited the state capitol, a historic site, or a museum to expand your children’s horizons?
  • Have you tried some of our website’s Learning Activities? Your children are guaranteed to have fun while learning through doing these activities.