Appropriate Use of Cell Phones at School

How can I ensure that my child will use her new cellphone appropriately at school? She's in seventh grade. -- Need Rules Answer: Increasingly, younger children are being given cellphones because their parents are worried about their safety coming and going to school and even at the school. Beyond safety concerns, it is extremely important for parents and children to be in agreement about how these cellphones are going to be used in school. The number one guideline is that children must follow their school's rules. The phone must only be used when the school permits it. This could mean before and after school, between classes, at lunchtime or in some classes as a resource. In most schools, children who violate the rules will lose their privilege of having a cellphone at school. This should also be your rule. Another consideration is taking pictures at school. They simply should not be taken of students without their consent. Plus, phones should not be flaunted, as not all students are able to own one. If your child is immature and has difficulty following rules, think twice about allowing her to use the phone at school.