How can I tell if my 4-year-old child has learned the skills that she needs to be ready to learn to read? - Puzzled


You actually can go online to the www.getreadytoread.org Web site and find out your child's place on the path to reading. You child will need to respond to a series of 20 questions by pointing to one of four pictures illustrating possible answers. The end score indicates a child's pre-reading progress.

This get-ready-to-read screening tool is based on more than 20 years of research. It involves three skill areas that form the foundation for learning to read: print knowledge, emergent writing and linguistic awareness.

By using this screening tool you will be able to access your child's strengths and weaknesses in pre-reading skills and her potential for reading problems. If any problems are discovered, you will have the opportunity to improve her skills before she starts school.