We're still not sure if our child who is going to preschool soon is right- or left-handed. Is there any quick and easy way to determine this? He uses his left hand for most tasks. -- Lefty


There's no quick and easy way to determine completely and accurately if your child is left- or right-handed. Usually, a child favors one hand over the other by the age of 3.

Many of us use different hands for different tasks throughout our lives. And this includes children. However, a task, like handwriting, that takes a lot of practice is usually done by a preferred hand. And we guess that this is your concern.

Just observing your child might not give you the answer to which hand your child prefers. However, you'll get an idea by noticing which hand is used to throw balls, fit puzzle pieces or hold a spoon. If you want to be a bit more scientific, measure the difference in accuracy and time for him to put pegs in holes using each hand.