My children are having a hard time in preschool and third grade. Is it possible that they have learning disabilities? -- Wondering


Here's a list by the Learning Disabilities Association of America that should give you a good idea of whether your children may have learning disabilities. If you have noticed several of the signs on the list in your children, they may have learning disabilities. Remember, all children will exhibit some of these signs from time to time. If, however, your children consistently exhibit several of these signs, take action to get them the help they need. The earlier help is received, the better.


Have you noticed that your child has:

  • -pronunciation problems?
  • -difficulty finding the right word?
  • -difficulty making rhymes?
  • -trouble learning number, alphabet, days of the week, colors and shapes?
  • -trouble concentrating?
  • -trouble interacting with peers?
  • -difficulty following directions or learning routines?
  • -difficulty controlling pencil, crayons, scissors?
  • -difficulty with buttoning, zipping, typing skills?

Grade K-4

Does your child ...

  • -have trouble learning the connection between letters and sounds?
  • -confuse basic words? (run, eat, want)
  • -make consistent reading and spelling errors, including letter reversals (b/d) inversions (m/w), transpositions (felt/left) and substitutions (house/home)?
  • -experience difficulty learning basic math concepts?
  • -have trouble learning about time?
  • -take a long time to learn new skills?
  • -have trouble remembering facts?