My son just started junior high school. Is it still a good idea to read with him every night? -- Avid Reader


Don't quit reading with your son. All the experts recommend it. Studies even show that it is likely to increase your child's reading scores and his interest in reading. It is also a great way to communicate with him on a wide variety of subjects. And frankly, everyone enjoys being read to.

Here are some hints to make your reading sessions as successful as possible:

  • -Be consistent in reading with your son every night. You needn't read for more than 15 minutes.
  • -Don't just read books. Magazine articles on topics that interest him are a good choice.
  • -Have him make suggestions about what he would like to hear.
  • -Be sure to choose age-appropriate materials (no childish stories).
  • -Try to complete a chapter a night when reading chapter books.
  • -For a treat, watch movies or videos of books after finishing them.