My children are studing all about the body I thought it would be fun if we did some experiements at home that would help my children to enjoy this science unit at school better. Could you please give me a few experiments that we might use?


Hopefully, you and your children will have fun doing the following experiments:

Experiment No. 1: Is one eye better than two? You'll need an eye patch and a fairly small ball for this experiment. Two children should stand several feet apart and toss the ball back and forth 10 times. Older children should catch the ball with one hand. Then one child should put on an eye patch. Again, the children should toss the ball to each other. Total how many times the child caught the ball with and without the eye patch. Then have the other child use the eye patch.

Experiment No. 2: Is your skin the same everywhere? Make a big black area of about 3 inches by rubbing a soft pencil on a sheet of paper. Put a finger on the spot until it picks up a big smudge. Then pick up the smudge from your finger with a piece of Scotch tape and press it onto a piece of white paper. Do the same with other parts of your body. Did your skin prints differ?

Experiment No. 3: How hard is your heart working? Take your pulse lying down, and then after doing these exercises: sitting, standing and jumping 10 times. Rest between each activity. Does your pulse rate change with what you do?

Experiment No. 4: Whose heart beats faster? Take your pulse, a parent's pulse and a grandparent's pulse. Was there a difference in the rate?