My daughter's seventh grade teacher has asked the students to make a commercial for their next book report. She is totally baffled about how to get started. What should we do? - Confused


The assignment is your daughter's to do. The best way that you can help her is to ask questions that will guide her in doing this project, as well as future projects. First concentrate on asking her to explain exactly what she thinks the teacher wants. For example, does she need to write a script or to make an oral or dramatic presentation of her commercial? If the teacher has given her a description of the assignment, she should study it carefully. It might be necessary for her to ask questions about the assignment, but this should not be done until she has formulated exactly what additional information she needs in order to complete the assignment.

Next, have her determine the major reason or reasons why another student would want to read this book. Then she should think about commercials that she truly enjoys and that have an impact on her decision to buy or do something. Your daughter can use these commercials as models for her commercial.