What do I need to know about the results of the standardized reading tests my kids will be taking during elementary school? -- Help Me


You do need to know the results of standardized reading tests. They can give a good general picture of how well your children are reading. Nevertheless, for many students, they only tell part of the story. You also need input from your children's teachers, who are measuring your children's reading achievement every day through classroom tests, classwork, homework and direct observation. The teachers will be able to tell you in detail about their particular reading strengths and weaknesses.

Beyond knowing what the results of standardized reading tests are, the International Reading Association suggests you also ask your children's teachers these questions:

  • -What do my child's reading test results reveal about his or her skills and abilities?
  • -Are the test results consistent with my child's performance in the classroom?
  • -Will my child's test score change the way he or she is taught in the classroom?
  • -Are there things that I can do at home to help my child strengthen particular skills?