My child in middle school is having a difficult time completing and turning in homework. I think it is because he has so many different teachers and no longer remains in one classroom all day. -- Need Solution


Middle school is definitely a major adjustment for many students. Students now need to learn how to be far more organized than in grade school. A big binder with pocket folders and space for the work for each class usually solves the organizational problems that middle school presents. Getting and keeping materials in the right place may require help from parents during the first weeks of middle school.

Half the battle with homework is to make sure that all assignments are written down correctly. Many students fail to write down or bring home assignments and use that as an excuse for not doing their homework. Your child might have done this and even gotten away with it in grade school, but it will not work in middle school or later on in high school. An assignment notebook typically solves this problem. In some classes, this information will be provided by the teacher on the school website.

The reason your child may not be completing his homework may be twofold. He may have to spend more time on homework, and he may need help in prioritizing how he handles the increased number of assignments. Help him make a homework plan each day until he can do this for himself.