Several months ago, I read aboutin your column. I would like to know more about this reading technique. Would NIM work for a college-age student who has trouble phonetically, and for whom reading seems harder than it should be? Also, would this help an eighth-grader who reads well, but not too carefully? - Seeking Information.


NIM, as readers might recall, is a simple technique that good readers can use to help struggling readers of any age improve their skills quickly. Basically, the technique involves reading material aloud together for 10 to 15 minutes a day. The experienced reader sets the pace, and one of the readers runs his or her finger under each word as it is spoken. At first, the material should be very easy for the struggling reader to handle.

While NIM is not the answer for all struggling readers, it could help the college student read more fluently and focus the eighth-grader's attention more closely on what he is reading. NIM can also be very effective in helping beginning readers develop reading fluency in a very pleasant way.

To learn more about using NIM, look at "skill builders" under resources on this Web site.