What are the signs of a reading problem in the early years? -- Concerned


Here are some warning signs that your child might have a reading problem:


  • -Doesn't know how to hold a book.
  • -Can't tell the difference between letters and squiggles.
  • -Can't recognize own name.
  • -Only says a small number of words.
  • -Doesn't like rhyming games and can't fill in the rhyming word in familiar nursery rhymes.


  • -Can't tell the difference between the sounds that make up a word (phonics).
  • -Slow to name familiar objects and colors.
  • -Can't remember the names and sounds of the letters.
  • -By the end of kindergarten, can't write most of the consonant sounds in a word (it's normal for vowels to be missing until later).

1st and 2nd grades:

  • -Has trouble pronouncing new words and remembering them.
  • -Has trouble blending sounds together to say words.
  • -Says reading is easier for his or her classmates.
  • -Falls way behind classmates.
  • -Can't figure out unknown words.
  • -Avoids reading.
  • -Resists reading aloud.

2nd and 3rd grades:

  • -Starts to withdraw.
  • -Has some troubling behavior.
  • -Seems to guess at unknown words.
  • -Does not get meaning from reading.

These signs of a reading problem were provided by Kyla Boyse, R.N. of the University of Michigan Health System. Additional information can be found online at www.med.umich.edu/yourchild/topics/dyslexia.htm.