I love music and want to share it with my young children. What are the benefits of doing this? And how should I introduce them to music? -- Music Lover


All parents should definitely be taking the time to enjoy music with their young children, as it is very beneficial to their literacy development. It is a great way for them to acquire new vocabulary and learn rhyming words.

Through music, children are also building their listening and memory skills. Start singing to them when they are infants, and always smile while you are doing it. Don't worry if you don't have a good voice, just lip-synch to songs. As the children get older, have sing-a-long tapes in the car for fun while you are driving.

Fit music into your children's daily routine. Make up a pick-up song to sing as your child is picking up his or her toys with you. Have bedtime and bath time songs, too. As your child gets older, get instruments that he or she can shake or bang along with the music. The more senses that your children use with music, the more they will learn. Besides, you will be having fun together.