Do you have any tricky math puzzles that my children could enjoy doing? - Math Challenge


We do have the following puzzles. Also, you can find many more by going online and using a search engine. Making drawings can help your children solve some of these puzzles.

The Farmer's Puzzle: Farmer John was counting his cows and chickens and saw that together they had a total of 60 legs. If he had 22 cows and chickens, how many of each did he have?

Answer: 8 cows, 14 chickens

Duck Puzzle: What is the smallest number of ducks that can walk in this formation: two ducks in front of a duck, two ducks behind a duck, and a duck between two ducks?

Answer: 3

Garden Puzzle: 2: If it takes 10 people 10 days to plant a garden, how long will it take five people to plant half a garden?

Answer: 10 days

Get Rich Quick Puzzle: Promise your parents that you will make your bed every day for 30 days if they will pay you 1 cent for the first day, and for each day thereafter twice as much as the day before. If your parents agree, how much money will they have to pay you for the 30th time that you make your bed?

Answer: $536,870,912

Shaking Hands Puzzle: If there are 25 students in your class, and you shake every student's hand when you arrive, how many handshakes will you have to make?

Answer: 24

Matching Socks Puzzle: If you reach into your sock drawer without looking, how many socks would you have to pull out to find a matching pair if you had 10 red socks, 10 blue socks and 10 green socks?

Answer: 4

Ice Cream Delight Puzzle: Choose your three favorite ice-cream flavors. If you want a cone with two dips, how many different combinations of flavors could you have?

Answer: 24

Square Puzzle: Draw a square on a piece of paper. Separate it into different regions by drawing four straight lines from one edge of the square to another. What is the largest number of regions you can make?

Answer is 11.

Postage Puzzle: Jane had four three-cent stamps and three four-cent stamps. How many different amounts of postage can be made from these stamps? Look for the answer next week.

Answer: 18