After just a month in kindergarten, my son was moved to first grade. The principal never even told us about this. I had to learn it from my son. The first-grade teacher is quite demanding. My child is now having spelling tests every Friday. Will not going to kindergarten affect him later on? I know that kindergarten would be boring for him and think it would be too drastic to put him back. -- Kindergarten Question


It is rather astonishing that the principal did not speak to you about moving your son to first grade. Talk to the first-grade teacher right away and find out if this move was truly appropriate for your child. If he is unhappy and struggling, he might need to return to kindergarten. On the other hand, if everything about the first-grade experience is going well, then it was a good move and your son did not need the kindergarten experience to prepare him for future schooling.

Many parents who say that their children are bored in kindergarten will envy the fact that your child was removed from a class that could have been boring for him. The results of skipping like your son did are generally very successful.

You need to become more involved in your son's education. When the move was originally made, you should have talked with the principal about whether skipping kindergarten was appropriate for your child. Please keep track of how your child is doing by talking to his teacher from time to time and whenever you have questions.