I live in a large metropolitan area where the competition to get into private schools is intense. Getting into a good public school is close to impossible. My preschooler took all the tests and received very high scores.

The problem is that the private kindergartens that we want are more interested in accepting children who were born after June 1. Our child was born on May 27. Should we give her another year of preschool if our favorite schools do not admit her? Once she is admitted to one of these schools, she can stay through eighth grade or even high school. -- Undecided


If your heart is set on certain schools, then your child might have to wait another year. However, be sure to ask the admissions office if the reason your child was not admitted was her age. It's also important to find out if you can reapply next year at schools where your child was not admitted this year.

Have you investigated the charter schools in your area? Many will have excellent programs. Also, in some cities it is possible to transfer to public schools that are not in your attendance area.