Our school has a great kindergarten teacher with one major flaw. When children bring treats for birthday celebrations, she names kids who have been bad, and they are not given treats. Then the tears begin, and there is quite a fuss.

Over the years, parents have tried to do something about this with no luck. Some parents have given out treats to the "bad" children after class, only to be berated themselves. What can be done? The teacher behaves this way only for birthdays. - Unfair


Birthday treats should not be used as a behavior-controlling device for students. It's very unfortunate that this teacher wants to turn what should be a happy occasion into a very unhappy one. This is not the behavior of a great teacher.

Since this teacher seems very determined and stuck in her ways, parents have few choices. The problem could be discussed with the principal. Instead of birthday parties, parents could give the class a gift. Perhaps, the room mother could hold a brief birthday party once a month if the teacher would agree all students could participate. As taking treats to school is now frowned upon, an activity could be planned instead.