I am having an issue with my 6-year-old kindergarten daughter. In after-school care, she has had one official warning about touching other kids in inappropriate places. It is not just the same kid or kids.

The school is handling her behavior by removing her from the situation and talking to her. Sometimes it happens just to get someone's attention when they are in line. I have spoken to her about not touching a child anywhere on his or her body where a bathing suit would cover. It is not helped by the fact that her 8-year-old autistic brother has similar issues, which we are trying to correct at home. How should we handle this? Is the school right to remove her? -- Crisis


Your daughter is seeing your family struggle at home with her brother, but she needs to know that neither his behavior nor hers is acceptable. If the behavior is only occurring in the after-school-care program, it should be easier to handle.

Your child's behavior needs to be addressed quickly with specialists who know exactly what they are doing. She has to learn to keep her hands to herself and not touch other students.

If your daughter is in a public school, it should have behavioral specialists who can help. Talk to the teachers about your concerns. The teachers also must have concerns. What is their plan since removing her and talking to her at school has not stopped this behavior? Try to resolve this problem together with the help of a behavior specialist.