The pre-school teacher said that my son is too impulsive to be in kindergarten this fall because no teacher will tolerate his behavior. I have tried giving him a natural calming herb, but it does not help. What can I do to calm him down? I try standing him in the corner or sending him to his room, but nothing works. -- Desperate


Start with an appointment with your son's pediatrician to discuss the child's behavior, and follow his or her suggestions. No kindergarten teacher can let one child's behavior disrupt the learning of other students.

Stop punishing your child for his impulsive behavior. It won't change anything. Instead, spend time helping him learn to settle down and focus on activities. Try to get him to sit down for 5 minutes to listen to a story, play a game or build with blocks. After he can focus for 5 minutes, gradually lengthen the time he spends on an activity. Be sure to give him plenty of time to burn off energy through physical activities. Hopefully, you will be able to get him to remain calm for periods of at least 20 minutes several times a day.