Is it necessary to go to Back-to-School Night every year? - Getting Tired


This really is a must-attend event as it is a great opportunity to find out in some detail what will be happening in your children's classrooms this year. Typically, the teacher will give an oral presentation or possibly one using PowerPoint.

You should receive information on the following topics: curriculum for the year, including the role of the Common Core Standards, ways to contact the teacher, what website information will be available, the role of technology, the teacher's expectations, grading and testing. If the teacher does not cover any one of these topics, you should feel free to ask about them.

There are some things that you should not do on this evening. Do not try to corner the teacher to talk about your children. And please do not instigate an argument about controversial educational issues.

There are also some special things that you should consider doing. In the classroom, try to meet the parents of your children's friends if you have not already done so. And do not limit this evening to just talking to the classroom teacher. Talk to art, gym and other special subject teachers. You should also visit the places outside of the classroom where your children will be spending time. This includes the library, lunch room and gymnasium.