Technology at Your Children's School

Question: Our children's school is embracing technology more and more each year. What should I try to find out about the way our school is going edtech? -- No Tech Guru

Answer: Educational technology (edtech) as practiced refers to any form of teaching and learning that makes use of technology. Schools vary enormously on how computers, media and the like are part of teaching. In some schools, technology is employed in almost every area, from classroom teaching to homework to grading to contacting parents.

First of all, you definitely need to know how much technology will be used in the classroom. Will there be a lot of video instruction? Will the students use individual computers that can also be used at home? What type of devices will they be using? And it's important to know that they are also learning through hands-on real-world activities.

It would also be helpful for you to know if there are any online tools or apps that you can download to support your children's learning.